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Cultural evenings (on request)


The cultural evenings include a tour of the house, discussions about philosophical, scientific or artistic topics during a convivial meal shared in a medieval atmosphere in front of an open fireplace. During the evening, it is possible to see exceptional 3D photographs with the help of appropriate equipment.

A large screen facilitates meditative lectures on India, ancient Egypt, the Sahara, Mount Athos or astronomy.

At the end of the evening, Nicole will offer a recital of some pieces of organ music on a magnificent digital instrument of 85 stops and four manuals.

Number of participating persons : up to 6 persons (minimum: 2 persons.) It is the person who requests a cultural evening who chooses the persons who accompany him or her. A cultural evening is possible in combination with the renting of the guestroom. See To make a retreat.

Suitable time : from 6 PM to midnight

Reservation is essential see Contact.

Price : 70.- CHF per person.

Credit card not accepted.

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