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Philosophy courses

The courses are given individually in order to enhance the dialogue.

The philosophical teaching takes place in the exceptional evocative surroundings of the Liboson. It is based on a desire that everyone carries in themselves : the urge to acquire more inner freedom and to increase at the same time one’s power of mind.

This teaching is based on an awareness that has preoccupied philosophers and thinkers reflecting upon the meaning of existence long since : the thought of the infinite.

A more profound understanding of infinity can, in a totally unforeseen way, develop the faculty of being astonished, of marvelling about existence. It can open our sensibility towards beauty without the help of false hopes, helping us to master our anguish in front of the unknown.

This philosophy, devoid of any kind of superstition or blind belief, takes from modern astronomy a vista that can shock conventional views on life and question traditional ways of thinking. It draws inspiration from the great vast deserts - images that open the mind to the pure beauty of the useless. It borrows from the civilization of ancient Egypt a transcending serenity expressed through its paintings and sculptured works of art. It finds in the wisdom of eastern thinkers and western philosophers many texts that praise coherent reasoning and the possibility of doubting. Finally, it borrows from the world of music some pieces which on hearing may change certain basic attitudes towards life.

During the course, these different themes provide a conduit for communicating the philosophy lived and taught at the Liboson.


The courses are held in English, French, German or Dutch :

Individual course of philosophy.

  • Price : 150.- CHF* per hour.


To obtain further information concerning the content and orientation of the courses, contact us by telephone : +41 (0) 21 963 30 19, every day between 10 AM and 10 PM. (Swiss time).


*Consult exchange rates :
Banque Cantonale Vaudoise "BCV" (de, en, fr, it)

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