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The Infinite Void Unveiled

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Back cover :

“Master, you have aroused my curiosity when you said we will address great philosophical questions. But what would the fundamental question be for you?” he asked, opening his eyes wide like a child discovering a marvelous new world.

The young man’s fervor made the Master smile, and he responded promptly:

“For me that would be the question asked by Leibniz, a 17th century mathematician and philosopher: ‘Why is there something rather than nothing?’ ”

The disciple slowed his pace, gazed up at his Master, and said pensively:

“I cannot imagine that there could exist nothing at all... The beauty of everything around me makes it difficult to imagine that all could simply not exist...”


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Extract (pages 215-216) :

“The gaze of the girl who brought you yak milk, the sparkling snowy peaks seen through the morning mist, the tender blue flower petals taking in the last rays of sun, the beauty of a work of art, a piece of music, or a poem that particularly moved you... What do you think the link is between your feeling of wonder for beauty, and the vertigo you feel before the infinitely deep abyss of the Void?”

“In the moment when I am fascinated by beauty, I forget my very existence. In trying to imagine the strangeness of the Void, I also have the impression I am freeing myself from any form of attachment to my own person.”

“These two paths,” said the Master, “astonishment before beauty, and vertigo before the Void, lead to the forgetting of oneself and lead to freedom, because these two states of mind enable us to reach a world where time seems to have vanished—where all fear and desire have disappeared.”

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