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Un hiver à Venise


Back cover :
A French writer, Patrice Leroi, decides to spend a winter in Venice. He hopes to find there the inspiration to finish his novel. In Venice, he meets Julia, who works as an art restorer. She makes a surprising discovery in the church where she works.
But far from carrying along the reader only in a thrilling story, the novel elaborates the nascent relationship between Patrice and Julia. The story of the two characters is interrupted from time to time with extracts of Patrice’s novel (in italic in the text), which takes place in the Sahara desert in 1902. At that time the Touareg tribes were not pacified. A French lieutenant is fascinated by the desert and a Touareg woman, Tamouna.
At the end, the two stories join together …


Book in French


Price : 20.- CHF, plus postal charges
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